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Z-95 Headhunter

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This article is about the serpent-like Hutt security droid found on the planet Varl. You may be looking for the bipedal Mataou Hutt security droid found on the planet Mataou.

Hutt security droids were security droids used by the ancient Hutts on Varl, at a time before the Hutts had many servant species. Millennia later, Mika Anjiliac Chiera's troops found a cache of the then-rare droids on Varl, which Mika had restored to guard the Tempest. The droids resembled Hutts, but were thinner, with two arms and thin heads atop segmented, snakelike bodies. Each droid had an improved sensor package, motion sensors, sonic sensors, a vocabulator, a blaster carbine built into one arm, and a vibroblade built into the other arm. The droids spoke Huttese rather than Basic.

Behind the scenesEdit

Since these droids are said to date back to a time when the Hutts had few servant species, they may be pre-Republic models predating the Treaty of Vontor.