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"Ko rahto kama wahl bak?"
―Jabba the Hutt, speaking Huttese[src]

Huttese was the language spoken by the Hutts, a slug-like species who called Nal Hutta their homeworld.[1] It was also commonly spoken on Hutt-controlled planets like Tatooine.[2] Even on worlds such as Lothal, where Hutts were not in power, their tongue was still a widespread trade language. Despite its prevalence, Huttese was generally unknown to stormtroopers, the soldiers of the Galactic Empire, as most of them could not speak anything other than Galactic Basic.[3]

It shared certain structural similarities with Aqualish and Rodian, enough that if you learned one of these languages it would make the others easier to learn.[4]

Known words and phrasesEdit

  • H'chu apenkee!—"Hello!"[5]
  • Chuba!—"Hey you!"[5]
  • Pateesa—"Friend"[5]
  • Moulee-rah—"Money"[5]
  • Boska!—"Let's go!"[5]
  • Mee jewz ju!—"Goodbye!"[5]
  • Bargon wan che copa.[6]—"There will be no bargain."[7]
  • Wee now kong bantha poodoo.[6]—Now you're bantha fodder."[7]
  • Solo bolkubok-u-chala.[6]—"I like Captain Solo where he is."[7]
  • De wanna wanga.[6]—A form of greetings.[7]
  • Yoka to Bantha poodoo.[6]—"You're bantha fodder."[2]
  • Peedunkee, caba dee unko.[6]—"Boy, get in here!"[2]
  • Coona tee-tocky malia.[6]—"What took you so long?"[2]
  • Tinka me chasa hopoe ma booty na nolia.[6]—"They think we know nothing."[2]
  • Bonapa keesa. Tolpa da bunky na booty cha naga o wanna meete chobodda.[6]—"Better stop your friend's betting or I'll end up owning him, too."[2]
  • Murishani… sleemo.[8]—"Bounty hunter… slimeball."[9]
  • Stuka Crispo—"Death Watch."[10]
  • Hagwa je killya, dolpa kikyuna!—"Don't hurt me because I am a loyal, tax-paying citizen." (Approximate translation)[3]
  • Dobrah gusha tu trawbbio grandio, mendeeya.—"It would be an honor if the great one took it." (Approximate translation)[3]
  • Noah, noah!—"No, no!"[3]
  • Me juuz ku, wermo!—"See you, suckers!"[11]
  • Dopo me goola—"Bad feeling"[12]
  • E chu ta!—An insult.[13]
  • Tooska chai mani.—A curse involving the insulted person's mother and a Tusken Raider's chief.[14]
  • Gi Shatta Gasha!—A phrase of exultation and praise.[15]
  • La yama beestoo.[16]—"Yes there they are."[17]
  • Cheeskar goo.[16]—"Betrayer (cheater) scum."[17]
  • Wompity du wermo.[16]—"Squash you idiot."[17]
  • Mi killie.[16]—"I kill."[17]
  • Tonta tonka! — "Tentacles up!"[18]
  • Nee choo! — "Die!"[18]
  • Man-tah. — "Speak."[16]
  • Sty-uka! Kuba nobata Granya Ad-mee-rall. — "Look at you. You are no Grand Admiral."[16]
  • Mendee-ya jah-jee bargon. Achuta kuna payuska Granee Ad-mee-rall. — "We have a deal, Grand Admiral. You may pass. You will take me to the weapons facility."[16]
  • Kuba, kayaba dee anko! — "Come to me." (Approximate translation)'[16]
  • Cheeskar nok—"Betrayer scum."[19]

Behind the scenesEdit

On the DVD commentary track of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope and in interactive CD-ROM Star Wars: Behind the Magic, Lucasfilm Ltd. sound designer Ben Burtt stated that he based Huttese on Quechua, an indigenous language family spoken by the Quechua peoples, primarily living in the Andes and highlands of South America.[20][21]


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