The Hweg Shul municipal police was the local law enforcement agency of Hweg Shul, capital city of the planet Nam Chorios.


"What about it, Snaplaunce? There anything in the City Statute about being evil?"

In 13 ABY, the Hweg Shul municipal police responded to a disturbance in which an angry mob of the native Oldtimers was incited by the fallen Jedi Knight Taselda to attack Luke Skywalker. Lacking specific charges, the Oldtimers accused Skywalker of being "the evil one," but Newcomer officers Grupp and Snaplaunce diffused the situation.[1]

By 44 ABY, officer Snaplaunce had retired after decades of police service and had become mayor of Hweg Shul, though he recalled his encounter with Skywalker and was eager to lend assistance to the Jedi. The Hweg Shul municipal police remained active, and had sentries posted in the Newcomer portions of town following the discovery of the death of Doctor Cagaran Wei and an assault on Snaplaunce. The police initially sought Skywalker's party for the crimes, but they were ultimately found to be the responsibility of the dark side entity known as Abeloth.[2]


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