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Rystáll Sant, a human-Theelin hybrid

Hybrids were individuals whose parents were from two different species. The Alder-Espirions were a people descended from the human Alderaanians and the[1] Espirions.[2] Humans and Twi'leks could also have children,[3][4] and so did Quarrens and Mon Calamari.[5] Humans and Theelin could also interbreed.[6]

Hybrids who were half-and-half, with each parent a full member of a different species, could look wildly different despite having the same basic genetic makeup. To use Twi'lek-human hybrids as an example, Shaeeah Lawquane looked almost fully Twi'lek, with her mottled skin color the only giveaway to her hybrid status, while her brother Jek possessed both lekku and hair.[7] Jacen Syndulla, however, looked almost completely human apart from bright green hair and a slight green tint in parts of his skin, notably the tips of his ears.[4]


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