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"Eriadu would be grateful for any help. Stability in the Seswenna could ease tensions all along the Hydian Way."
―Tarkin requests aid from Palpatine[src]

The Hydian Way was a trade route which passed through the Outer Rim Territories. The Core World of Corulag influenced the establishment of the route so that it would it would include the space around the Outer Rim planet Eriadu on its path in order to force the planet to produce shipments of lommite ore more regularly. Eriadu was later able to transform itself into a major trade world, partly due to the fact that it lay at the confluence of the Hydian Way and the Rimma Trade Route. When Wilhuff Tarkin, a young student of the Sullust Sector Spacefarers Academy, first met Senator Sheev Palpatine, he requested aid in enforcing law in the Greater Seswenna region around Eriadu as he believed doing so could ease tensions along the entire Hydian Way. Much later in Tarkin's life, his personal corvette, the Carrion Spike, was stolen by a rebel cell who used it to attack several Imperial targets. While the ship was still at large, the Empire deployed additional forces along both the Hydian Way and the Rimma Trade Route in order to try and fend off further attacks.[1]


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