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"Hydra-craft! Don't know what they're called here... but they're skimming over the water just like I used to whip around Tatooine in my old landspeeder!"
―Luke Skywalker[src]

A Hydra craft was a repulsorcraft used for transportation over water. This was the primary mode of transportation on Drexel.



A hydra-skimmer version.

The hydra craft was a small aquatic repulsorlift gunship. The craft was typically equipped with laser cannons and magnetic grapples. An armored type of Hydra craft was called a hydra-skimmer.


They were used by the ship-dwellers to salvage wrecked ships and fight Dragon Lords. During the Battle of Drexel, hydra-skimmers were used as gun platforms, both against the dragons, as well as against the Millennium Falcon.



A hydra-skimmer salvages a life pod containing Luke Skywalker.

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