Hydrospeare Corporation was the manufacturer of numerous aquatic vehicles, weapons, and other equipment.[1]

Their headquarters were located on the planet Kabaira. Their biggest customer was the Imperial Army.

Around 2 ABY, the Empire had signed two dozens of new contracts with Hydrospeare for the development of new aquatic weapons and combat vehicles. This led to the Rebel command believing that the Empire was planning a recovery of Dac.[1]

Due to the quality of its products, the Rebel Alliance considered the company a threat. Design Team Beta, an elite team of genii working for Hydrospeare, was specially feared.[1]

Modification packagesEdit

Hydrospeare was famous because of its "modification packages". The Design Team Beta took valid vehicles from other companies, and developed the "packages" to make them aquatic. At least three of the vehicles had been accepted by the Empire.[1]

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Notes and referencesEdit

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