Hyndis Kogler was a[1] legendary[2] officer in the Infiltration branch of Imperial Intelligence during the Galactic Civil War. Kogler was contacted by Doctor Tobias of the Tech branch concerning the use of 3PO-series protocol droids as infiltration tools to use against the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Kogler found the proposals to be lacking in terms of effective deployment, and was furious when Tobias attempted to infiltrate one of the modified droids into Infiltration as a test of its usefulness. Kogler captured and interrogated the droid quickly, learning that Tobias had sent out eight more droids to infiltrate the Alliance. However, because the droids needed to be able to communicate with Tobias' office, they had the exact location in the their memory meaning that if the Alliance discovered and interrogated them, they would be able to discern the location of an Imperial Intelligence facility. Kogler and the Bureau managed to recover seven of the droids, but the eighth was not recovered.[1]

His daughter was Lieutenant Hura Kogler, an Intelligence agent who was part of the plot to find the Alliance Fleet using the infiltration droids. She was captured in the aftermath, and threatened the operatives with mention of her father.[2]



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