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"You see? That indicates a hypermatter particle leak. The damage is at a microscopic level, likely localized to one of the several hundred radiation refractors in the Thunderstrike. It's not enough to impact efficiency—but it could leave a trail for Darth Vader to follow."
M2-M5, engineering droid of the Sixty-First Mobile Infantry[src]

Hypermatter was a fuel for use in hyperdrives. The main materials of hypermatter could be formed when solar radiation came into contact with the core of a planet, as is the case in the Redhurne system. On the cores of the inner planets of the Redhurne system, hypermatter was collected by mining droids for use by the Galactic Empire. A hypermatter leak in a starship's radiation refractors could leave a trail of particles that could be found and followed.[1]



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