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"We live on a ship powered by energies that sunder cause and effect, beginning and end… hyperspace is a mystery more profound than gods and demons."
Micha Evon[src]

The blue tunnel of hyperspace travel

Hyperspace was an alternate dimension that could only be reached by traveling at lightspeed or faster.[1] By entering hyperspace, a starship could take advantage of the wrinkles in the fabric of realspace to reduce journey time significantly, "jumping" from a specific point to another point without having to travel directly between them.[2] However, large objects in realspace cast "mass shadows" in hyperspace, so hyperspace jumps necessitated very precise calculations.[1] Without those, a vessel could fly right through a star or another celestial body.[2] Because of the danger, there existed predetermined hyperspace routes which interstellar travellers could take. Sometimes, the discovery of new safe hyperspace routes could play a pivotal role in a war, as it would allow naval forces to move faster unbeknownst to their adversaries.[3] A vessel's ability to travel through hyperspace depended on its being equipped with a hyperdrive engine.[4] Quick jumps into hyperspace could be unsettling to even experienced pilots, but those with the proper stamina and training could overcome this.[5] The Galactic Empire employed Interdictor cruisers to disable hyperspace capabilities in other vessels, both to pull them from hyperspace and to prevent them from making the jump to it.[6]

Upon entering hyperspace, a ship would emit Cronau radiation, which made their jump detectable by specialized sensors.[6]

It was technically possible for a vessel, such as a shuttle, to disembark from another vessel while in hyperspace, but the procedure carried extreme risk. Such a move would tear the disembarking vessel violently out of hyperspace.[7]

Hyperspace travel was mastered as early as four millennia before the First Order–Resistance conflict, as demonstrated by the existence of hyperspace sextants from that era.[8] At the time of the First OrderResistance conflict, the First Order discovered sub-hyperspace, which they utilized by their superweapon, the Starkiller Base.[9]



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