The Hyperspace Navigator's Guildhouse on Koros Major was the original headquarters of the Hyperspace Navigator's Guild. An ancient structure of wood construction, the Guildhouse was raided by the Galactic Empire and forced to sell off most of their collections in order to remain open.


An ancient Tetan mansion erected in the city of Cinnagar, the Hyperspace Navigator's Guildhouse was constructed from local wood that had gone extinct by the time of the Galactic Empire. Owned by a member of the Tetan nobility, it was eventually purchased by the Navigator's Guild who expanded it several times to include starship docking and repair bays and a vast library of hyperspace routes. The original wooden mansion remained, although with state of-the-art computer and communications systems installed. As the guild grew and expanded, they relocated elsewhere, leaving the facility open as a regional guildhouse for explorers and spacers to rest and study between expeditions into the Deep Core and Wild Space.[1]

Relocating several times over its long history, the original wooden mansion sat atop a tower in the shape of the eight-pointed navigator's compass. Containing many docking bays, landing platforms, and computer server databases within the tower, the guildhouse was the largest it ever was during the Imperial era. Despite this, the guildhouse suffered considerably under the reign of the Empire, as the Imperials scanned and copied the Guild's databases and retroactively classified several of the routes contained within. To maintain their expenses, the Guild was forced to begin charging visitors a steep access fee. In front of the tower's street level access was the Monument to Lost Navigators, a carbonite depiction of the patriarch of the Coruscanti family that blazed the Koros Trunk Line.[1]


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