"Your third stop brings you to the peaceful world of Alderaan, where you can relax in a natural wonderland. Recently voted "Safest Planet in the Galaxy" by Hyperspace Traveler."
―Star Tours commercial[src]

Hyperspace Traveler was a magazine focused on intergalactic travel.[1] At some point between the years 19 and 1 BBY,[2] the Core world[3] of Alderaan was voted "Safest Planet in the Galaxy" by Hyperspace Traveler. This award was used as an advertising argument by the Star Tours travel agency in one of their commercials.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The magazine Hyperspace Traveler was mentioned in a in-universe commercial created for the queue area of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue—a reimagined Star Tours attraction in Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios.[4]



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