Hyperspace navigation buoy

The hyperspace navigation buoy was a holographic projection linked in with a starship's navigation computer that provided the pilot with a visual marker for desired hyperroutes. They provided a reference for the point at which a vessel needed to enter hyperspace. They also ensured a vessel was a safe distance from any hazards before they entered hyperspace.


Behind the scenesEdit

The navigation buoy was introduced as a game mechanic in the game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. This was the first game in the X-Wing series to utilize separate areas linked by brief hyperspace journeys since the previous game allowed hyperspace jumps from any point, and only after the end of the mission.

The nav buoy was used as a method to enter hyperspace. The player would be required to come within 0.5km from the buoy (this varied very slightly from ship to ship) before hitting spacebar to jump to the next area.

Though the buoy was definitely holographic (lasers would pass through it, and it is a similar blue color to that normally associated with other holographic projections), it is unclear whether the hologram was projected onto the pilot's helmet visor, the vessel's viewport or into space itself.