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Hyperwave transceivers, Hypertransceivers, or hyperradio transceivers were secure methods of interstellar communication, used onboard most warships or large private starships.[1]. These were similar to subspace transceivers, but would send their signals through hyperspace, rather than realspace or subspace, giving them effectively unlimited range.[2] They were, however, limited to video and audio communication, but still very expensive for the everyday use of everyday citizens.[3]

Millions of hyperwave relay stations were tethered in static positions within hyperspace across the galaxy, giving the rise to the name "Non-mass" hyperwave transceivers, due to their lack of mass or size outside of hyperspace. These transceivers served as relay stations for messages sent across the HoloNet, and were responsible for sending Holonet messages across S-threads to locations all across the galaxy.


Notable users included the InterGalactic Banking Clan, aboard their Munificent-class star frigates, and the Galactic Empire, onboard their communications vessels. One was also integrated into Nute Gunray's mechno-chair.



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