"Yousa used magical powers to manipulate mesa head thoughts."
―Boss Lyonie, to Rish Loo[src]

Hypnosis was the induction of a state of consciousness in which an individual's thoughts could be easily influenced by another. The mind trick abilities developed by Force-users were hypnotic in nature.[1] Some species, like the Diathim and the Maelibi, had natural hypnotic skills.[2] Hypnosis could be used on oneself. Cray Mingla forced herself to stay awake through hypnosis and drug therapies.[3] Hypnosis could also be used to ingrain information into the memory of a subject, a process that was known as hypno-imprinting.[4] Certain objects with hypnotic effects could be created. During the Clone Wars, the Gungan Rish Loo gave a hypnotic necklace to Boss Lyonie, putting him under influence.[5]



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