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Hyx Modant was a male Bothan who served in the Thaereian military as a colonel. During the time of the Clone Wars, Modant represented the Thaereians during a panel discussion on the subject of whether the Thaereian military should continue to be involved in the affairs of the Cularin system. Modant stated that because the Thaereians had a mandate from the Galactic Senate to defend the Cularin system, the Thaereian military would continue to operate in the system. Modant also denied accusations from fellow delegate Osten Dal'Nay, the leader of the Cularin Militia, that the Thaereian military had been kidnapping innocent Cularin citizens. Dal'Nay then showed on a viewscreen some footage of Modant leading a Thaereian military boarding party aboard a cruiser and illegally seizing some of the cargo. Modant claimed that the footage was faked and he fired on the viewscreen with his blaster pistol, then left the room.


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