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The I2-CG droid was an Imperial storage/transceiving droid carried aboard Tech 4 PDV. They were based on the ED4 droid model from Cybot Galactica.[1] When intercepted, Plexus Droid Vessels could jettison their I2-CG droids before self-destructing, covering the droid's escape.[2]

During the Galactic Civil War, a Plexus Droid Vessel carrying information on Alliance to Restore the Republic starfighter manufacturing on Tar Morden was intercepted. It self-destructed to avoid capture, but ejected the I2-CG which landed on Goratak III. An Alliance force, led by the ex-pirate Grindol Maal battled an Imperial force led by the bounty hunter Feskitt Bobb to retrieve the droid.[2]



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