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"Oh my. An IG assassin droid."
"Yes, Crater."
"You don't understand, Miss Lina. Assassin droids are incredibly dangerous. They're walking armouries [sic], complete with integrated concussion grenade launchers and flame-throwers."
"Yes, Crater. Enough now."
"Although I've always been quite jealous of their acid-proof servo wires. I've always wanted some of th—"
CR-8R and Lina Graf[src]

The IG-86 sentinel droid, also known as the IG-86 assassin droid or simply as the IG assassin droid, was a model of assassin droid manufactured by Holowan Laboratories. IG-86s were popular with gangsters such as Ziro the Hutt, though some, like IG-88, went rogue and became bounty hunters.

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