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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Double Agent Droid. Caution is advised.

The IGV-55 surveillance vessel, or Imperial listener ship, was a starship model used by the Galactic Empire for surveillance, intel, and recon. Utilized by Imperial Intelligence's Information Office, these vessels monitored communications and scanned data, looking for signs of seditious activities.[1] They resembled Gozanti-class cruisers with additional sensors and transmitter dishes.[3]


In 2 BBY, a team of Imperial intelligence officers and slicers led by the Imperial controller LT-319 operated on an IGV-55 surveillance vessel. This starship was modified to include a strong signal array capable of transmitting and intercepting signals from long distances. Under the leadership LT-319, the team hijacked the rebel astromech droid Chopper and attempted to use him to find the location of the Phoenix Squadron's Chopper Base. However, their plot was foiled by Chopper's master Hera Syndulla, who transmitted a large amount of data which overwhelmed the cruiser's systems; causing an explosion which destroyed the ship and its crew.[2]



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