The ILC-905 system was located in the Koornacht Cluster on the border of the Core Worlds and the Deep Core. It contained a single star orbited by 12 planets, with an asteroid belt separating the outermost rocky planet from the innermost gas giant.


In 4 ABY a Type II Orbital Repair Yard formerly assigned to the Imperial Navy's Black Sword Command was moved to the gas giant world of Prildaz located in this system after it had been captured by Yevethans who were rebelling against the Empire.

Some twelve years later the shipyard and its defending thrustships, in response to the genocidal Yevethan Purge, was destroyed by a squadron led by Commodore Brand aboard the cruiser Indomitable in the Battle of ILC-905.

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In Cracken's Threat Dossier it appears as ICL-905.



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