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The IM-8005 shield projector garrison, also known as The Sharplens[1] was a relatively new line of Imperial garrisons specializing in shielding work for large-scale orbital construction projects created by Rothana Heavy Engineering, also capable of putting down planetside uprisings from the conscripted workforce.[1]


The IM-8005 shield projector garrison's full specifications were available only on request to Imperial officers, although it included three key features:

  • A 20 meter-tall landing pad to accommodate docking AT-ATs. It's surface area is sufficient enough to accommodate two to three Lambda-class shuttles.
  • A command garrison similar in design to the IM-455 modular garrison, albeit broken into several smaller structures. The main reactor for the IM-8005 was held in an armored bunker due to the considerable power requirements of the shield generator.
  • The SLD-26 planetary shield generator was the garrison's most prominent feature, capable of projecting an energy sphere of overlapping ray and energy shields up to 2,600 kilometers in distance from its dish, and can be upgraded to reduce potential sabotage upon request.


Notes and referencesEdit

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