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This article is about the sentry droid nicknamed "Face". You may be looking for pilot Garik Loran.

IM4-099, nicknamed "Face", was a Mark IV sentry droid assigned to the Mos Eisley Militia. Working for the Galactic Empire, IM4-099 gave the Imperials information about criminal activity. The droid took its job seriously.

IM4-099 often taunted the ASP-series droid ASP-704, and when it detected illegal signals coming from comm repeaters the ASP was installing, IM4-099 was swatted out of the air by the fed-up droid. IM4-099 recovered from the attack though, and later on was once more seen chirping merrily while accompanying sandtroopers.

Behind the scenesEdit

IM4-099 was added to the 1997 release of A New Hope as an entirely computer-generated 3D model.



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