IMQ-54544-XX-07 Security Clearance Black DS-1 Orbital Battle Station was a classified report detailing the intended uses of the first Death Star, giving a list of priority targets as well as giving the strict limitations to using the superlaser. It was included in the Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide, the official field manual for officers in the Imperial Military.

As the superlaser represented a tremendous drain on the Imperial Military's expenses as well as a loss of potential strategic resources, it was only intended to be used against worlds that would prove vital in eliminating enemy resources, either in terms of direct enemy materiel (such as bases, staging areas or depots), or in terms of worlds providing aid to the Rebel Alliance.

In addition, there were specific requirements before activating the superlaser: Namely, there needs to be a full and current Imperial Intelligence report on any target, only personnel with oversector administrative rank and current firing codes provided by the Office of the Emperor may activate the DS-1 Superlaser, and explicit authorization of Imperial High Command and the Galactic Emperor is required before targeting any of the listed worlds.

The priority targets, at least by the time the handbook was issued to Imperial officers, included various worlds that were potential yet unconfirmed rebel bases, staging areas and/or depots, as well as worlds confirmed to be providing political or strategic aid to the Rebel Alliance, and were listed as follows: