IOS 24

IOS 24 was an Imperial Sensor array. Its defenses consisted of a primary Sensor Array, static defenses, and a platform—the Control Station—which contained a full complement of starfighters. However due to the remote location of the space station it is likely that the pilots would be green with little or no combat experience.


The station was the main target of the Rebel Alliance Defiance Task Force's final stages in escaping to safety; the destruction of the installation was required in order to allow the Task Force to escape into the Outer Rim. Several other sensor arrays throughout the sector were to be attacked simultaneously to mask the attack.

The Rebels managed to misguide Imperial intelligence and attacked without much opposition. The Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transport, Cloak group, jammed communications so that the station could not transmit distress calls. With the communications jammed both the main array and the Control Station were destroyed and the main bulk of the Task Force arrived in the vicinity and escaped into the Outer Rim unobserved.



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