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Produced by Sienar Fleet Systems, the ISB Operations Ship was used by agents of the Imperial Security Bureau to quickly land at a suspect's residence so they could be quickly apprehended. The ship was a variant of the well-known Guardian-class light cruiser.

A variant of the Guardian, the ISB Operations Ship, was essentially the same ship modified to contain holding cells, as well as light and sensor stealth coatings.

This model ship Naval Systems Senart presented to one of the competing projects for the Galactic Empire around 4 year before the Battle of Yavin. Initially, in the terms of reference, it was stated that the Galactic Empire needs a light patrol ship with a long battery life and high speed to be able to pursue the cargo vessels, in other words, the patrol ship cruise type.

However, Senart, winning competition project has created more multi-purpose vehicle, as a result of which it was also adopted by the Imperial Security Bureau, is actually becoming a vehicle for special operations.

It is impossible to say with certainty how many ships of this type were built, however, after the death of Palpatine's ships began to arrive this model is available for sale in the "civil assembly", finding a buyer and took a strong position on the galactic market space transport easy. Despite the very high compared to the price Corellian analogues such transports are the money that they ask for differing high strength and payload solid.

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