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"Sir, we've lost our bridge deflector shield!"
―An Executor bridge officer, during the Battle of Endor[src]

The ISD-72x deflector shield generator/sensor dome was a local-area deflector shield generator and sensor array produced by Kuat Drive Yards and commonly installed on Imperial Star Destroyers.


Imperial I-class and Imperial II-class Star Destroyers each carried two ISD-72x generators/sensor arrays.[1] The shield projector vanes were positioned in a crown formation around the command tower's sensor globes.[1][2] The vanes projected both ray and particle shields and were scattered along the "crown", one function per vane.[1]

This deflector shield required a massive amount of energy, drawn from the Star Destroyer's main reactor via power generators located deep within the command tower.[1][2] Thick armor protected the sensor banks from impacts, but the globes were vulnerable to suicide attacks from small starships[1] or missile weapons such as concussion missiles or proton torpedoes from starfighters. [6]


It was developed to reduce the need for secondary equipment aboard Star Destroyers, and replaced the Om-Thaim shield generators installed on earlier Destroyer models.[1]

During the Clone Wars, the CIS used one of these shield generators at Saleucami.[3] A larger version of the ISD-72x was developed for use aboard Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts and other Imperial Super Star Destroyers.[1]

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