TT-32: "It's a small astromech droid, designation IT-31. It's brown, and a little scruffier than the one beside you."
T3-M4: "Beee-dwreeep?"
TT-32-GE3 and T3-M4[src]

IT-31 was a utility droid that belonged to Tien Tubb on Nar Shaddaa, but ended up in the possession of Kodin when he took it from Tien's junk pile.

Meetra Surik secured the droid's release from Kodin after TT-32-GE3 asked her to, realizing that IT-31 was not actually destroyed. IT-31 returned to Tien Tubb.

Behind the scenesEdit

As a light side or Neutral character, the player could either purchase IT-31, or persuade Kodin to give him up. As a dark side character, the player could rip out & purchase IT-31's memory core, killing the droid. Alternatively, the player could always threaten or kill Kodin instead of paying or persuading. However, both acts lead to unfavorable outcomes--the former will be despised by T3-M4, while the latter will result in him closing his shop to the player.



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