IT-O9 was a black and silver spherical interrogation droid owned by Riboga the Hutt. The crime lord would often have the droid hovering nearby when he entertained guests. When Riboga left the Cularin system, he sold off many of his possessions, IT-O9 included.

SoroSuub Corporation eventually ended up with the droid, using it in their Edic Bar facilities. Having no need of an interrogation droid, they reprogrammed it as a quality control agent. Its reputation inspired workers, and though it communicated audibly only in beeps, the way it hovered menacingly was usually enough to communicate its unhappiness.

Behind the scenesEdit

By its name and description, IT-O9 would seem to be an IT-O type droid, which were supposed to have been invented by the Imperial Security Bureau. Its service for Riboga was before 53 BBY, decades before the founding of the Galactic Empire.