"R&D asked that any organics we hired be assigned an IT-series droid companion. This is designation IT-R9. It will explain its role to you."

IT-R9 was an IT-series droid that was based on the droid-operated moon Uffel during the latter years of the Galactic Republic. In about 31 BBY, Uffel's security chief HG-211 hired a group freelance agents to investigate some acts of sabotage that had been carried out by the rogue droid LN-73. While they performed their mission, IT-R9 was assigned by the droids of Uffel Research and Development to follow the agents around, to learn more about the problem-solving capabilities of organic beings. After the agents had finished examining Uffel's droid manufacturing facilities, HG-211 ordered IT-R9 to leave them and report back to the R&D droids.


IT-R9 was a small, silver-colored, spherical floating droid. It had a very childlike demeanor and it constantly asked questions to those around it.