"This is the latest hit from Danny and the Droids. It's called "I Wanna Weld Your Hand". I love those roboto intros."

"I Wanna Weld Your Hand" was a hit song recorded by the musical group Danny and the Droids. It had a roboto intro and was a favorite of the repair droid G2-9T, who sometimes listened to the song on the station K-DROID.[1]

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This song, heard in the background of the Star Tours ride queue, makes up the first half of the instrumental track titled "The Droid Rooms", released on The Music of Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Epcot Center (1988) and The Official Album of Disneyland and Walt Disney World (1991). Its title is a reference to The Beatles' song "I Want to Hold Your Hand", and was written by Richard Bellis.



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