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"Amidala, listen—! I'm telling you straight out, I love you! Don't leave me behind! You don't have to go through this alone! Don't shut me out!"
―Ian Lago[src]

Ian Lago was a Human male from Naboo who was the son of King Veruna's Prime Councilor, Kun Lago.


Padme Ian

Padmé Amidala and Ian Lago in the Royal Gardens

Lago sometimes worked as a page at the Royal Palace in Naboo's capital city of Theed. At the end of the corrupt King Veruna's reign, he fell in love with the then-Princess of Theed, Padmé Amidala, when he saw her for the first time on the Palace Plaza.[1] He would later accompany her to Coruscant to volunteer at the Refugee Relief Movement.[2]

During his brief relationship with Amidala, Ian's father, Kun Lago, secretly found out about their relationship and even witnessed them kissing. Ian also never told Amidala of his father's position in Veruna's court, but she later found out on her own. Ian's father forbade him to ever see Amidala again and threatened to disown Ian if he did not comply with his father's wishes.[1]

When Amidala was elected Queen of Naboo, he declared his love to her; but she ended their relationship to devote her time to the people of Naboo. Heartbroken, he departed from Naboo and never saw Amidala again.[1]


Governor Ian Lago during the time of the Galactic Civil War

However, by the time of the Galactic Civil War following the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, Ian Lago returned to Naboo and served as the planet's governor. As governor, Ian Lago was openly loyal to the Galactic Empire, and worked closely with an aide of his named Junelle Astor. During this time, a spacer wishing to serve the governor assisted Astor with a number of political issues. For instance, she tasked the spacer with protecting Queen Kylantha from High Inquisitor Mal Sikander, who believed the Queen was secretly aiding the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Eventually, Astor cleared the spacer and granted access to the governor's office.[3]

Ian Lago was pleased to have the individual work under him. His first task for the spacer was to deliver surveillance equipment to an agent of his named Eevas Drupper, who was investigating reports of a group of Gungans aiding the Rebellion. The spacer succeeded, but Ian Lago soon encountered a problem involving another one of his agents, a Gungan named Boona Deeks. Deeks was loyal to the Empire, and was aiding the governor with spying on traitorous Gungans. However, Deeks's allegiance was uncovered by his fellow Gungans, forcing him to flee. His life in danger, Deeks hid inside the dead body of a bola for a couple days before being rescued by the spacer dispatched by Governor Lago.[3]

Governor Ian Lago, despite being supportive of the Empire, was annoyed by High Inquisitor Mal Sikander's persistent attempts to accuse Queen Kylantha of treachery. When one of Sikander's agents managed to acquire the queen's private correspondence, he tasked the spacer with killing the traitor, hoping it would send a clear message to the Inquisitor. The spacer succeeded, but he ended up also having to capture a troubadour named Ryd Rozen when it became clear that he was the one who aided Sikander's agent with stealing the queen's property. Eventually though, Queen Kylantha did in fact end up supporting a group of Gungans implicated with treasonous activities. To defuse the situation, Governor Lago tasked the spacer with traveling to the Gungan's camp, and killing their leader, Yip Kanoos.[3]

Another situation then developed, involving a lieutenant of Captain Rhys Dallows named Leana Kilnar. When Governor Lago learned that Lieutenant Kilnar was under investigation by Sikander, he tasked the spacer with eliminating her.[3]


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