Iann Doaba was a male Human Jedi Knight who was one of the first colonists of Socorro.


Among the colonists was also a woman named Cjaalysce Beal, with whom Doaba fell in love. In a fit of jealousy, he murdered a rival for her affections. He exiled himself into the desert (later known as the Doaba Badlands), enduring what was later called "the Long Walk."

Beal had a portrait painted of herself shortly afterward, in which her grief over Doaba was clearly visible. She then went into the desert in search of him, but died. When Doaba found Beal's corpse, his body was consumed by his grief, leaving behind only his lightsaber and robes.

Legend held that Doaba's guilty Force spirit attached itself to the portrait of Beal, called "Tehja Larel," Old Corellian for "Undying Love." The father of Pret Swain discovered the portrait in the ruins not far from Cjaalysce’l. The elder Pret gave it to Benoni Ulte, who claimed to have seen Doaba's spirit haunting the portrait in the form of a shadow.