The Ibhaan'I were one of several nomadic tribes that inhabited the Doaba Badlands of Socorro.

The Ibhaan'I tribe was divided into many smaller clans composed mostly of extended families. Though most of these clans resided far from other settlements or cities in the Doaba Badlands, a few clans resided near large spaceports such as Soco-Jarel and in a few rare cases Ibhaan'I clans had abandoned their nomadic lifestyle and lived within Vakeyya itself. It was not uncommon for Ibhaan'I clans to adopt smugglers, who came to regard the Ibhaan'I villages as their second home, or in some cases, their only home.

Most permanent Ibhaan'I structures were built with bricks composed of Socorro sand and druyza dung. The appearance of such structures, however, frequently changed in conjunction with the needs of the clan.

Ibhaan'I apparel largely influenced the style of Socorran pirates, who typically identified more with the Ibhaan'I than they did with the other nomads of Socorro. Structures were frequently joined and additional rooms added as needed.

Unparalleled scouts, many explorers journeyed to Socorro for the express purpose of recruiting Ibhaan'I tribesmen for their expeditions. Most Ibhaan'I were more than happy to oblige, as the Ibhaan'I were renowned for their wanderlust. The best Ibhann'I scouts even left the planet to explore the stars, but stayed true to their cultural traditions. The females of the tribe were renowned for their weaving skills.