Ibutho was a group of 6 Delta-class DX-9 stormtrooper transports that were used by the Rneekii Pirates.


The Rneekii had ambushed a group of 3 ImperialModified corvettes Hashim and a Shuttle G'nabgib, carrying the Unidentified TIE Defender chief scientist in a Ion cannon Minefield. Tan Maarek Stele in a TIE Defender was launched to fight of the Pirate strike force consisting of the transports, R-41 Starchasers and a Strike-class medium cruiser Intombe. By the time he left Hashim 3, Ibutho 1 had docked with the G'nabgib captured the scientist and jumped into Hyperspace. Stele managed to destroy all the other transports from Ibutho and drove of the Pirate force.

The Rneekii decided to Ransom the scientist to the highest bidder, which became the Empire. Ibutho 1 was used to transfer the scientist to the Empire. However, the Pirates gravely underestimated the Imperials and trapped by Interdictor Red Claw. The pirates were eliminated and Ibutho 1 was captured.

Known shipsEdit


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