Icetrompers were giant four-legged herd beasts found on the ice planet Hoth. They were occasionally preyed on by wampas, but their main predators were Human big-game hunters.


Ice tromper

An Icetromper on Hoth

Icetrompers had an immensely thick pelt, sometimes as thick as a foot. The pelt was a prized trophy for any game hunter and used for blankets, thick clothing, and bedding. They had an equally thick layer of blubber (which was harvested for oil) to protect them from Hoth's vicious blizzards. They had a huge set of horns that grew at a rate of around one curl per year. These were also a prize to any big-game hunter, and were much sought after.


Icetromper males won mates by locking horns and shoving until one gave up. Icetrompers generally had one to two calves a year.

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