The icewolf was native to the planet Spintir. Icewolves were predatory, hunting with teeth and claws, and inhabited the forested valleys and mountain caves on the planet. After rendering prey unconscious, icewolves would bury it in ice. In the forest near the Caves of Light and Shadow, the icewolves were corrupted by the dark side and became maddened, but also stronger and more resilient. Because of this, other animal life stayed away from the forests near the caves.

In 0 ABY, a pack of icewolves were corrupted by the presence of Malefax at the Dawn Temple and attacked a group who were there to rescue Hethan Romund. Later, the same group encountered the pack led by a den mother at the Cave of Light and Shadows, a vergence in The Force.

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The Spintir icewolves appear in Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game game line. The packs may be fought using a variety of methods as the players choose.


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