"You're the one defending Sunry now, eh? Well, the hotel's open for you and I guess I got to answer any questions you want, too."
―Ignus to Revan[src]

Ignus was a Human male who was the owner and proprietor of the Visitor's Hotel in Ahto City during the Jedi Civil War.


As one of the witnesses in the Sunry murder investigation and trial, he was interviewed by Revan in his appointed capacity as the Galactic Republic's arbiter. When questioned, he would testify to the fact that Sunry probably left after the blaster shot that killed the Sith officer and Dark Jedi, Elassa Huros.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the player walked the dark path, Revan persuaded or bribed Ignus to testify that Sunry left before the blaster shot. Juhani and Mission Vao, if either one is in your party, will strongly protest this action, and Bastila Shan will also express some reservations about “planting evidence.” Jolee Bindo and Carth Onasi will not question the morality of your action, but will worry aloud that the Selkath authorities may find out.



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