Iisner was a male Glottalphib who was an assistant of the Glottalphib crimelord Nandreeson. He was killed at an old age by Davis on the Millennium Falcon. Iisner had followed Seluss onto the ship and ambushed Davis, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Seluss. Holding them at gunpoint, Iisner demanded that the crew raise their hands. Chewbacca slowly unsheathed his claws and inserted them into a ceiling panel, which he yanked down onto the Glottalphib. When he got up, Han ordered him to reveal what Nandreeson wanted with him. Iisner claimed he needed a water bath and wanted to get off the ship, turning away as he did so. Solo said he could go to as soon as Iisner answered his question. The Glottalphib turned around and opened his mouth, only to be shot in the face by Davis, who claimed that Iisner was going to fry Han instead of answering him.



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