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The ikov was a species of rodent that was native to the wroshyr tree forests of Kashyyyk.[1] One of the planet's smaller predators, it inhabited one of the upper levels of the Kashyyyk ecosystem, right beneath the tree-top level. It was a small, lean, and streamlined creature, adapted to stealthy and swift climbing through the trees.[2] It fed primarily by scavenging prey that had fallen from the uppermost wroshyr tree branches; these animals rarely survived such a fall, and the furtive ikov was almost always the first to find them.[1] The inner surfaces of its finely-serrated, blade-like teeth were reflective and iridescent, a trait uncommon among predators;[2] these sharp teeth allowed the ikov to quickly cut a piece of meat and run if chased from its finds by larger predators, which it was too small to fend off.[1]

Wilek Nereus possessed three specimens of this animal in his tooth collection, two of which, likely immature specimens, he had surprised in a fur-lined tree hollow.[2]


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