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Imdaar was a planet in the Dreighton Nebula with surface features remniscent of Dagobah. It was the base of the TIE Phantom project, in which the production facility was located on Imdaar Alpha.


After the Battle of Yavin, Rebel agent Ru Murleen was transferred there to investigate Imperial activity. She met once again her old pupil, Rookie One in order to capture one of the TIE ships. Together they crossed a swampy jungle and reached an Imperial platform. There, they hijacked Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Epsilon Four in order to board the Terror.

Also around this time, Imdaar played host to the Galactic Empire's development of the V38 assault fighter and TIE Phantom.[2]

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Although The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia includes an entry for Imdaar, it confuses the planet with its moon, Imdaar Alpha.



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