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The Immalia sector was a sector of space located in the Expansion Region of the galaxy. Bordered by the Fellwe, the Trestis, Drannik, and Vadigult sectors, the Immalia sector had its capital on the planet Immalia in the Immalia system. The sector also contained the Chalenor system, with the planet Amador and its moon Mayvitch 7, the planet Meldazar in the Meldazar system, Vorian IV in the Vorian system, and the Anduvia system.[1]


The Immalia sector was first explored between 8000 BBY and 5500 BBY, and its average population per planet ranged between less than 1 million to 10 million. The sector was part of the Galactic Republic as early as 5000 BBY, though it fell within unaligned space during the New Sith Wars.[6] Sometime between 3665[7]3653 BBY[8], during the Great Galactic War between the Republic and the Sith Empire, Amador was the site of a battle,[4] and Mayvitch 7 was attacked by the Yinchorri species from the nearby Fellwe sector during the Yinchorri Uprising of 33 BBY.[5] The sector was part of the Immalia Oversector, the theater of operations for the Republic's 7th Sector Army under Moff Marcellin Wessel during the Clone Wars. The oversector later became part of the Galactic Empire under the rule of Grand Moff Wessel in 19 BBY.[2]



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