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This article is about the Imperial-class Star Destroyer. You may be looking for other ships using the same name.

The Imperator was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer in the Imperial Navy.


The ship shared the original name of the Imperial-class itself.

In 1 BBY, it launched an attack on the Rebel base on AX-456: this particular mission served as the Omega Exercise for Kyle Katarn, a cadet at the Imperial Academy.

The ship was later sent to pick up the brainwashed double agent Kupalo as he attempted to flee from the Rebel cruiser Liberty. Despite her arrival and the TIE Fighters she launched into the fray, she was unable to prevent the Rebels from recapturing Kupalo and fleeing into hyperspace.

Subsequently, in 3 ABY, the Imperator joined the forces of rogue Grand Admiral Zaarin, and helped destroy the Star Destroyer Courageous.



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