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Imperial training academy

Biggs Darklighter trained at an Imperial Academy.

"...So don't just dream about applying for the Academy, make it come true! You can find a career in space: Exploration, Starfleet, or Merchant Service. If you have the right stuff to take on the universe, dispatch your application and join the ranks of the proud!"
―Advertisement from an Imperial Space Academy Recruitment tape[src]

The Imperial Academy was a military training program managed by the Galactic Empire which evolved from the Galactic Republic's own Academy system.

During the time of the Republic the Academy had been an elite educational institution that trained youths to become members of the Exploration, Military, and Merchant Services.[1]

Under Palpatine's direction the Empire reformed the Academy and incorporated other institutions used by planetary defense forces and the Judicial Department. It established campuses on many planets throughout the galaxy, producing stormtroopers for the Stormtrooper Corps and officers for both the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Army. The facilities for the two arms of the military were known respectively as Sector Naval Academies and Imperial Army Officer Training Academies.

Within the Academy system, a number of specific schools stood out: the Raithal Academy was considered by many as the most prestigious Army training institution, the Imperial Naval Academy the premier center for the fleet. The Corulag Academy was ranked second behind Raithal by some, while the Academy of Carida was also a major stormtrooper training facility, which used the planet's high gravity to build tougher, more resilient troopers.

Training for TIE pilots occurred separately, and subsequent to the Academy, at a flight school, typically located aboard a Star Destroyer.

In addition to the main academies, the Imperial Space Academy was also split up among different sectors, which often required several would-be recruits, upon completing tasks such as an AT-ST pilot testing procedure would be required to dispatch their application to the Screening Office of the Imperial Academy in their sector.[2]

In 19 BBY, General Gentis was headmaster of the combined Imperial Academies, and was succeeded by Grand Moff Trachta after the former was executed for his failed coup.[3]


Behind the scenesEdit

In The Imperial Sourcebook, the Raithal Academy and the Imperial Naval Academy were established as the most prestigious branch of the Imperial Academy for Imperial Army and Imperial Navy cadets. The appearance of the Academy of Carida in the Jedi Academy Trilogy does not contradict this: Carida is described as the premier training facility for the Stormtrooper Corps, although Navy and probably Army cadets could also be assigned there.

The location of the Imperial Naval Academy has never been defined in canon, but Coruscant and the Core Worlds hints that it is located on Anaxes. Similarly, The Essential Guide to Warfare implies that it was located on Prefsbelt IV.



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