The Kuat Drive Yards Imperial Armored Transport was fifty meters long and carried ten crewmen and twenty soldiers


The Imperial Armored Transport was armed with two laser cannons, and had a Class Two hyperdrive with a Class Twelve back-up. The ship could transport at least 30,000 metric tons and 3 months worth of consumables.[1] Some vessels, such as the Elusive and Timely, were armed with two laser cannons, and four double turbolaser batteries.[2]


An early concept of the Star Galleon-class frigate, the Imperial Armored Transport was used primarily as a system to system support ship.[1] Two Imperial Armored Transports were used to remove debris from the Alliance to Restore the Republic base on Dankayo. The ships were named Elusive and Timely. The Elusive was later modified with an external rack carrying six TIE Fighters.[2]



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