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The Imperial Army, also known as the Imperial Forces or Imperial ground forces, was the land-based branch of the Galactic Empire's military. The stormtroopers, the Empire's elite shock troops were organized under the Stormtrooper Corps, which operated as part of the army.[7][8] It also depended on mechanized vehicles such as the bipedal All Terrain Scout Transport[9] and the heavier, quadrupedal All Terrain Armored Transport.[10]


The Imperial Army originated from the Galactic Republic's Grand Army of the Republic, and served as the Empire's ground forces for maintaining control of the countless worlds under the New Order.[11]


The Imperial Army had its own infantry, distinct from the stormtroopers. These troopers were made up of a mixture of conscripts and enlistees and used to garrison planets. They were generally less committed to remaining loyal to the Empire than the stormtroopers.[2]

The Imperial Army also had Imperial combat drivers who operated its vehicles. Imperial Army officers wore identical uniforms to their naval counterparts, however when on the field they would sometimes wear a field grey chestplate similar in design to those worn by snowtroopers. They would also wear helmets similar to those worn by AT-ST drivers.[11]




The Imperial Forces on Endor





The Imperial Army also maintained numerous TIE/LN starfighters for combat use in planetary atmospheres. As a result, TIE fighter pilots in the Imperial Army were nicknamed ground-hogs unlike their Imperial Navy counterpart, the vac-heads. Since vac-heads maintained better public recognition through the HoloNet News, a bitter rivalry existed between the two branches, with each having their own anthem and bars at Imperial flight bases in order to avoid conflict. However the Bright Jewel Oversector Flight Base did not separate its bar between the branches, in one instance resulting in members of Nashtah Squadron to provoke other members of the Imperial Navy by singing the Ground-hog anthem.[29]


Imperial Army poster

A propaganda poster for the Imperial Army.

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