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This member of the Kuat family married to Imperial Asset K-33. Unbeknownst to K-33's spouse, K-33 was an Imperial Agent who had used her to get into the Kuat family to get more power. K-33 started shuttling to the Kuat Drive Yards very regularly, sometimes for several days at a time. This put strain on the relationship between K-33 and the family. K-33's spouse confided deep concerns regarding K-33’s ambitions to close relatives. K-33 took up permanent residence in the Kuat Drive Yards Governor Quarters, abandoning their spouse. K-33 took control of the Kuat Drive Yards security. K-33 made a transmission to Admiral Zasha Ranken of the Imperial Armada suggesting that a single defensive station was key to subverting all Kuat Drive Yards security protocols. The Battle for Kuat soon followed.