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The Imperial Board of Culture was the governmental body within the Galactic Empire that was charged with reviewing and censoring popular culture media, such as music and holofilms, that was to be distributed within the Empire. The Board had three levels of tolerance, which were assigned to various works as they were released:

  • Pro-Imperial works were allowed for and promoted to the public.
  • Scarlet works did not promote the Empire, but did not degrade it either.
  • Banned works were decidedly anti-Imperial in nature.

Often, a work that earned a Scarlet rating, or was outright banned by the Board, would be guaranteed a high degree of popularity. Possession of a Scarlet work was deemed a misdemeanor offense at Imperial discretion. Possession of a banned work was a major offense and was punishable by a fine of 500 to 1,000 credits, as well as confiscation of the offending material.



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