Imperial Boarding Pod

An Imperial Boarding Pod approaching the Salvation.

"You need to remove those boarding ships from the hangar door!"
Rahm Kota talking to Starkiller[src]

The Imperial Boarding Pod was a craft used by the Galactic Empire to land combined Infantry and armor boarding parties aboard enemy vessels.


This boarding craft bore the shape of an octagonal prism and was capable of transporting both infantry and assault vehicles such as the AT-ST and the AT-MP aboard enemy ships. The ship would latch onto the hangar door, blocking any ships from exiting the hangar, lower its own door and deactivate the hangar force field. The troops and vehicles could then disembark through a ramp. The pod was a short range craft, so it had to be launched directly from a Star Destroyer or other capital ship.

The craft was capable of carrying several squads of infantrymen such as stormtroopers as well a combat vehicles such as the AT-ST. Since the pod was unarmed, it was vulnerable while flying towards its target.


One of the pod's most notable uses was at the Assault on Kamino. During the battle, it was used by the Empire to deploy heavy ordnance such as AT-STs and AT-MPs aboard the Rebel ship, the Salvation. These vehicles were supported by squads of stormtroopers while they boarded and engaged enemy forces. Starkiller helped the Rebels defeat the boarding parties and used the Force to destroy the locking mechanisms that where keeping the Boarding Pods attached to the hangar door. This allowed the Y-wings aboard the Salvation to launch and join the battle against the Imperial fleet.