Platt guards

Two Imperial Bodyguards, with Rebel prisoner Platt Okeefe.

Imperial Bodyguards were elite enforcers assigned to protect Imperial Advisors. They wore distinctive body armor, and were skilled wielders of the force pike, although they also carried heavy blaster pistols.

Bregius Golthan had a personal escort of four of these troopers. In 4 ABY, they accompanied him on a mission to the planet Canyon where he seized smuggler and New Republic scout Platt Okeefe.

They subsequently served as Okeefe's guards when she was held prisoner in the audience chamber of his stronghold on Voktunma. They had orders to guard her with their lives, but the Black Curs rescued her nonetheless.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is not clear whether the Imperial Bodyguards were unique personal escorts for Advisor Golthan, or if they were assigned to all the Advisors; nor is it certain if they were formed as a unit before the Battle of Endor, or if they were created at the time of the Cabal.


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