Imperial Celebration Organizer GH

An Imperial Celebration Officer

An Imperial Celebration Organizer was an Imperial officer that was in charge of organizing various pro-Imperial events. One such officer was tasked with overseeing an Empire Day celebration in the Naboo capital of Theed around the time after the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY. He sold various Imperial rations, including Gracious Government Mix (which is said to be the favorite of Emperor Palpatine himself) and Order 66 Cookies. As he was specifically trained to root out Rebel infiltrators, he will only sell the cookies to those loyal to the Empire.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Imperial Celebration Organizer is a special character in the Massive Multiplayer Online game Star Wars Galaxies, and more specifically its expansion An Empire Divided. He can be found near the statue of Emperor Palpatine on Theed, where he will sell various Empire Day related consumable items such as Gracious Government Mix and Order 66 Cookies to players who are affiliated with the Empire. The Rebel equivalent is the Rebel Event Organizer.